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The staff at Applied Water Solutions deals extensively with the major industries requiring purified water for their processes. Our experience with these industries and our intimate knowledge of the purified water processes used has not only broadened our knowledge base but additionally substantiates our expertise in the field.

Process Engineering Group - some of our projects are unique where the client is not sure what purification technologies are the best fit. Applied Water Solutions can develop Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), and from that we can develop P&ID's.
Project Management Group - with strict adherence to schedules, Applied Water Solutions can execute projects on time and on budget. Our project execution includes detailed gant charts with milestones that are clear and a schedule that meets the client's needs.
Field Service Group - Applied Water Solutions can support local service deionization systems, but can also support all field work on a global basis. If it is a system start up, Clean in Place (CIP) or any trouble shooting activity we have the expertise to support any project.

Chris Gallagher, Founder and President
Chris has over 20 years experience in managing, manufacturing and designing separation and filtration systems within a wide range of industries. In addition to his in depth experience with conventional treatment, Chris has substantial experience trouble shooting, upgrading, testing and maintaining all types of EDI systems. He installed some of the first commercial EDI systems back in the 1980's, and since then has contributed to the growth and development of the technology.

Member of the WQA Industrial Education Task force for High Purity Water. Nominated as the first Master to mentor and educate in the WQA Cognitive Apprenticeship Program.

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First High Purity Water Master in front of the WQA task force
Chris Gallagher, founder and president of Applied Water Solutions, was awarded the first WQA High Purity Water Master, excelling a process of knowledge and experience verification in front of a panel of experts in the industry.
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