Monday - May 29, 2023

Consulting services available from Applied Water Solutions include everything from troubleshooting a specific problem with a specific process to designing, building and implementing a complete system.

With expertise in design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of complete systems or specific system segments, Applied Water Solutions can provide you with the professional expertise you need to resolve your specific issue.

Applied Water Solutions also provide services for clients who are interested in the water market either introducing new products or looking to invest.

Please view our credentials for a brief history of our education and experience. Also browse through our Case Studies to learn more about some projects we've been involved with.

Your industry will benefit by:

  • Receiving accurate information about the life of existing system
  • Adding cost-efficient equipment to meet increasing high purity water demand
  • Having better control of pre and post treatment system
  • Increasing efficiency with existing system
  • Training staff on new water purification systems and new standards
  • Reducing maintenance costs over time
  • Maintaining accurate documentation about your systems

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