Thursday - September 28, 2023

Membrane Elements
Applied Water Solutions provides membrane replacement services for all types of membranes. Leveraging our buying capacity we can offer the best membrane for your system. We specialize in all membranes, let it be reverse osmosis, spiral or hollow fiber ultrafiltration, nanofitration or microfiltration.

Depth Filtration and Housings
Applied Water Solutions offers a wide selection of absolute, high efficiency, and nominal rated filters. These products are ideal for pretreatment, post treatment, vent filtration, and process filtration. Industries that are served include; pharmaceutical, semiconductor, power, water reuse and all high purity applications.

Ion Exchange Resin and Carbon

Applied Water Solutions, Inc. offers and extensive line of Ion Exchange Resins for all types of applications. These resins are used in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, EDM, power industry, and for any application that requires deionized water. We offer both regenerated resin and virgin resin for critical applications.

Ultraviolet Light Systems

Applied Water Solutions offers UV Systems and replacement parts, also expanded over the years from TOC destruction, sterilization, and chlorine destruction.


We offer a wide selection of pumps for all types of applications. Applied Water Solutions can help identify the correct pump for your application. Let it be positive displacement, centrifugal, peristaltic, metering, sanitary or non sanitary we can provide you the solution to your application.

Additional Services:

  • Filter media, ion exchange resins, and membrane replacement
  • EDI cleaning and recovery
  • EDI replacement for all models
  • RO cleaning and recovery
  • Spare parts replacement
  • RO and EDI Performance Projections
  • Water analysis

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