Thursday - September 28, 2023

Applied Water Solutions will evaluate and provide design, build and installation for all type of Water treatment and pre-treatment, including RO and EDI pretreatment requirements, sizing pretreatment correctly to reduce maintenance and cost, proper RO Design, temperature considerations, flux rate, flow rates, provide Instrumentation, define power supply sizing, flow rates, pressure, and environmental considerations. Autopsy. Applied Water Solutions can also provide EDI Autopsy, identifying components and problems that can occur inside of EDI stacks, and using EDI as a instrument to detect changes in feed source.

Cleaning and maintenance. We will provide proprietary cleaning methods for fouling and scaling and will evaluate on irreversible fouling of EDI’s and how to plan for replacing equipment.

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Additional Services:

  • Filter media, ion exchange resins, and membrane replacement
  • EDI cleaning and recovery
  • EDI replacement for all models
  • RO cleaning and recovery
  • Spare parts replacement
  • Water analysis

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