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Using the principles of best practice, Applied Water Solutions brings over 50 combined years of experience to every water purification project. We have executed projects around the globe and across a wide variety of industries. We deliver value by giving the client comprehensive service, support and training for all water purification applications. Applied Water Solutions provides consulting services, process development, system design, installation and commissioning for new and existing purification systems. Our approach is to maintain or improve your water quality, improve reliability and reduce costs of your water production by using our experience along with technology expertise from across the industry. The technologies we employ are conventional treatment such as media filtration, membranes and advanced technologies such as electrochemical processes (EDI, CEDI, ED, EDR), Ultraviolet Light (UV), Gas Transfer Membranes (GTM), and Biofilm Bioreactors (MBBR).

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  • Pharmaceutical
    Applied Water Solutions deeply understands the pharmaceutical water system guidelines and USP Requirements. USP requirements are now annually updated. One of our core strengths is Electrodeionizaiton, where it was first accepted in the pharmaceutical industry. Many EDI Systems, are in cGMP validated facilities and this requires documented preventative maintenance (PM) programs and updated standard operating procedures (SOP). Applied Water Solutions provides equipment and documentation required to fulfill high purity water standards, including USP Monograph Requirements.
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  • Power
    Having over 20 years experience in the power industry, AWS understands the total life cycle costs of demineralized water for the power industry for turbines, boiler water feed and condensate polishing. With the advent of becoming more ‘green’ many industries are trying to reduce chemical use by incorporating reverse osmosis, and chemical free technologies such as electrodeionization.
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  • Semiconductor / Electronics
    Applied Water Solutions has participated in several projects among microelectronics manufacturers in need for reliable ultrapure water (UPW) production. We will provide our expertise and equipment in UPW systems, electrodeionization (EDI), and energy reduction system. Our staff is completely prepared to guide you through the Semi Conductor Road Map update (ITRS) and to provide production methods to meet the challenges of stricter water quality requirements.
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  • Drinking Water
    Applied Water Solutions provide different system design using a variety of technologies in order to support the needs for safe drinking water. Among our technologies, we offer conventional water filtration, membrane filtration, clarification, UV disinfection, and sea water systems.
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  • Water Reuse / Recycle
    The associated costs of water have many elements including water entering the facility, costs to treat water for use, and the cost to discharge water. Applied Water Solutions has designed and installed systems for water reuse/recycle where the client has not only met Green Initiatives.
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