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Applied Water Solutions is dedicated exclusively to solving the pure water needs of industry. Using the principles of 'best practices', we've brought together the best designs, and with the best available technologies provide a cost effective, practical solution. We integrate the latest and most complementary technologies available from across all industries in our efforts to resolve the pure water needs of our clients.

Specializing in the most advance technologies such as electropurification, electrodeionization (EDI, CEDI), membrane separation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, we know the technologies. We know the equipment. We know the industries. With this expertise we provide our clients with efficient, effective solutions to their pure water needs --- Solutions that meet the clients' requirements --- Solutions that are cost effective --- Solutions that work.

Applied Water Solutions has three business units:

Consulting Services - providing clients with Plant Evaluation Program (PEPsm), System Evaluation Program (SEPsm), Electrodeionizaiton Evaluation Program (EEPsm) and training. These programs are design to improve plant operation and reliability while lowering life cycle costs. Applied Water Solutions also provide services for clients who are interested in the water market either introducing new products or looking to invest.

Equipment - Standard and Design Build. Many times our clients are not exactly sure what they need. We offer a full range of standard water purification equipment that meets the industries needs. We also can create custom systems to meet applications that outside of our standards. To view some of our specifications please view AWS Standard Engineering Specifications and AWS Standard Distribution Specifications.

Service - we provide local Service Ion Exchange, offsite and on site membrane cleanings. We also have a complete line of consumerables such as filters, membranes, UV bulbs.



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