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Applied Water Solutions deeply understands the pharmaceutical water system guidelines and USP Requirements. USP requirements are now annually updated. One of our core strengths is Electrodeionizaiton, where it was first accepted in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many EDI Systems, are in cGMP validated facilities and this requires documented preventative maintenance (PM) programs and updated standard operating procedures (SOP). Applied Water Solutions provides equipment and documentation required to fulfill high purity water standards, including USP Monograph Requirements.

USP -United States Pharmacopeia (USP 27 Pharmaceutical Grade Water)
Organics < 0.5 ppm
Conductivity < 1.3 ms/cm @ 25°C in-line measurement
Endotoxins by LAL
Purified Water -
WFI < 0.2 EU/ ml
Bacteria (guideline only)
Purified Water < 100 cfu/ml
WFI 10 cfu/100 ml

Visit our library and download the complete Water Purity Specifications for the Laboratory, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries
Review the complete USP requirements
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