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Applied Water Solutions provides a wide range of water treatment services. a full range of filter and oxidizing medias are available. Contact us now and schedule a visit.

Mixed-Bed De-ionizers - These beds, mixed with approximately 60% anion resin and 40% cation resin (equi normal mixture), provide the highest water quality possible. This product is ideally suited for the bio-tech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and general industries that require deionized water.

Cation Exchange Tanks - Strong Acid Cation (SAC) exchange resin is regenerated with multi-megohm quality water and acid to ensure the highest level of regeneration. Cation resin captures the positively charged ions in your water such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Anion Exchange Tanks - Anion resin removes negatively charged ions from process water such as chlorides, nitrates, carbonate, bicarbonates, sulfates, and silica.

Carbon Exchange Tanks - AWS stocks 9x40 mesh carbon and acid-washed carbon, ready for delivery to your facility. Carbon is the most often used form of water treatment to remove taste and odor components of water. In addition, carbon removes chlorine and chloramines upstream of membrane-based systems.

Clean in Place Maintenance - AWS offers proprietary cleaning methods for EDI and membranes systems. We also offer cleaning for pretreatment, and distribution systems.

Dedicated In-Tank Regeneration - The resin and tanks are individually regenerated and reserved exclusively for a single client.

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Some of the on-site training:

  • RO troubleshooting and maintenance
  • EDI maintenance
  • System design and building
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