Thursday - September 28, 2023

Low EDI Product Quality
Pretreatment is key to any EDI performance. Our evaluation will find root causes for low product resistivity and poor ion rejection.

Fouling Indicators
High stack electrical resistance and high pressure drop are fouling indicators. By recognizing all fouling indicators early on most EDI performance can be recovered with proper cleaning procedure.

Mechanical Failure
System design and good engineering practices are important to any system. EDI leakage and oxidation of resin can irreversibly damage EDI systems if not detected early.

Electrical Failure
Improper EDI stack isolation and system grounding could lead to stray voltage and amperage leakage.

Variability in Feed Source
Changes in feed water are not uncommon. It can affect overall system performance resulting in higher maintenance costs.

USP Requirements
USP requirements are annually updated. Many EDI Systems are in cGMP validated facilities. This require documented preventative maintenance (PM) programs and updated standard operating procedures (SOP).

Need for Upgrade or Replace Existing EDI
The product life cycle varies among EDI suppliers. The evaluation program will provide an objective recommendation for EDI replacement.

The evaluation programs are unbiased information, independent from equipment manufacturers, providing a confidential report, staff training and documentation. See more on evaluation programs

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