Monday - May 29, 2023

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Deionization and Electrodeionization basic and advanced
System Design for Pharmaceutical and Microelectronics
RO design and troubleshooting
Sizing pre-treatment and treatment
Preparation for WQA High Purity Master

Check back for our workshop and seminar schedule around the globe. We can bring all trainings to your facilities and tailor it to your specific projects. Contact us for scheduling training for your team.

Applied Water Solutions has extensive experience providing in-house training about the different water purification technologies to professionals at industry events and privately. We also provide insight about various manufacturers and suppliers and in-field training on all new or revised systems.

Lunch & Learn
Applied Water Solutions, Inc. has developed a series of education presentations geared to the non-technical user of water purification technologies. We’ve presented these seminars to various A&E firms throughout New England as well as industry events.

Please contact us for additional information.

Our Competencies:

  • System Performance and Reliability
  • Equipment Useful Life
  • Cost Management
  • Regulations Compliance
  • Production Efficiency
  • Long-Term Relationship
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